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How can we make a difference in payroll accounting?

Our outsourced payroll accounting services offer a number of benefits to our business partners. On the one hand, our clients can better focus on their core operations as no special attention needs to be paid to a payroll accounting function nor do they have to keep up with the changes in relevant legislation. On the other hand, the confidential treatment of information, including personal particulars, also gets a boost. Our payroll accountants have over 10 years of professional experience which is a guarantee that we can consistently meet the requirements of our clients quickly and accurately and in compliance with prevailing regulations. Our web-based solutions are a cost efficient option to meet your payroll accounting needs in a manner that also suits your existing information system.

VGD's payroll accounting team offers the following services to meet your needs:

  • Monthly payroll accounting
  • Instant access to the database for employers
  • E-payroll service
  • Preparation of tax returns and social security data reports
  • Social security administration
  • Representing the taxpayer at the tax administration and at social security institutions in payroll accounting matters
  • Preparation of different payroll reports
  • Payroll accounting for the Hungarian employees of foreign employers
  • Expat payroll accounting
  • Fringe benefi ts administration

The outsourced payroll services we offer ensure your company many benefi ts:

  • Cost-efficient solutions to complete personnel administration and payroll tasks,
  • High level of confi dentiality,
  • Professional administration always compliant to prevailing legislative regulations,
  • Internet-based solutions, electronic administration