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Transfer pricing services


Are you positive that your intra-group transactions comply with regulations pertaining to arm's length pricing?

Multinational companies that have operations in various countries are increasingly required to meet taxation and documenting rules that are intended to determine transfer prices. In order to mitigate your tax risks, our team of advisers with international experience will help you document the arm's length prices applied in your related party transactions, plan your taxes and prepare the transfer price documentations based on information from widely used international databases (e.g. Amadeus, Royalty Source and One Source).

Our range of transfer pricing services includes the following:

  • A review of all intercompany transactions in order to identify any primary transfer pricing risk
  • Preparation of a Group Master File in English or German
  • Transfer price documentation - preparation or review in accordance with either local legislation or international standards
  • Assistance to the development of your internal transfer pricing policies
  • Assistance in filing documents with the tax authority for their initial assessment of an arm's length price
  • Support during a potential transfer price documentation review by the tax authority

We employ our expertise to provide the most stable and effective solutions for you whether in domestic business issues or the treatment of international taxation questions re-lating to cross-border transactions. Our periodic publications also support the work of finance managers and directors. Besides our Newsletters, you can also read our analyses, articles and professional position statements in the online press of economy and finance.