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VGD Hungary Kft. 
VGD Hungary Audit Kft. 


H-1134 Budapest, Váci út 33
T: +36-1-225-7575
F: +36-1-225-7574

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  • Gyöngyi Ferencz


    Gyöngyi Ferencz, founding partner and employee of VGD since 2001, is an international tax consultant and auditor, having an active carrier in the fi elds of domestic and international taxation as well as auditing since the beginning of the 90s. She has gained her international auditing experience in Switzerland where she worked several times as trainee. She acquired IFRS and US GAAP knowledge as well.


  • Andrea Kuntner   


    Tax advisor

    Andrea Kuntner has been a colleague and tax partner of VGD since 2006. As the employee of an international tax advisory company from 1994, she contributed to the domestic and international tax advisory to concern companies in English and German speaking areas. She graduated in Freiburg at the Albert Ludwig University, followed by tax advisory studies in Hungary. She is member of the supervisory board of the Joint Venture Association and member of Swisscham Hungary’s board. 

  • Thurn Erik

    Accounting, auditing

    Erik Thurn is a colleague and partner at VGD since 2008.
    Since 1994 he has been contributing to the work of
    several international auditing companies (e.g.: Ernst &
    Young), he has been a registered auditor since 1998. He
    gained professional experience in Hungary and Germany
    contributing to audits at international companies and
    taking part in the audit processes of several multinational
    companies as well. Beyond the Hungarian accounting
    regulations, he is also an expert of the German (HGB) and
    the international (IFRS) accounting rules. Since 2008, he
    has controlled major accounting clients and international