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Business tax advice


Can you keep up with the constantly changing tax environment?

Taxation is a constantly changing feature of the financial sector. For this reason, our professionals monitor the developments of the sector both locally and internationally day by day so that our tax advisers can deliver accurate and comprehensive interpretations as well as reliable guidance to our clients.

Our technical expertise ensures that we can provide the most feasible yet effective solutions to both local and cross-border taxation issues. Our periodic publications also support the work of finance managers and directors. Besides our technical newsletters, you can also read our analyses, articles and technical position statements in HVG's 'Adózóna' column.

Our highly skilled professionals offer the following tax advisory services:

  • Advisory services relating to company founding, tax planning,
  • Tax advisory in matters of domestic and international taxation,
  • Tax due diligence,
  • Tax planning (also in special cases, e.g. company transition),
  • Preparation of tax returns,
  • Representation of the taxpayer at the tax administration and other authorities,
  • Preparation of the income tax return of foreign private individuals
  • International tax refund
  • Hungarian VAT registration of foreign companies
  • Global Mobility tax service

We employ our expertise to provide the most stable and effective solutions for you whether in domestic business issues or the treatment of international taxation questions re-lating to cross-border transactions. Our periodic publications also support the work of fi -nance managers and directors. Besides our Newsletters, you can also read our analyses, articles and professional position statements in the online press of economy and finance.